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Email Writing: 10 Tips for Writing Emails that Convert

Email marketing is a great addition to any marketing strategy. It’s a low-cost marketing channel that allows you to reach new and existing customers directly. Email writing is a powerful tool for enhancing a business’s relationship with customers and boosting its sales via emails that convert.

Email writing is not just a work of art but also has some science to it. If you aim to write emails that convert, you need to keep in mind some essential email content writing tips to take your marketing game to unprecedented heights.

10 amazing tips for writing emails that convert

The Need for Writing Emails that Convert

Consumers are no strangers to receiving emails, and they prefer receiving marketing content on this channel. Here are some interesting statistics from Hubspot:

  • Over 60% of marketers say that email is their most cost-effective source of return on investment (ROI).
  • 98% of recipients check their emails daily.
  • 73% of Millennials prefer written communication via email or text.

Email writing for promotion can be effective and cost-efficient. However, like all marketing campaigns, you need to plan them accordingly. You cannot simply send the same emails to different audiences with slight changes all the time, hoping that customers will respond.

Writing emails that convert isn’t difficult as long as you apply the right strategies and techniques for optimisation.

Let us look at 10 email writing tips that will increase your open rate and conversions quickly:

1.     Learn About Your Audiences

If you want your audience to interact with your emails, you must provide things that fit them. You need to learn about your audience so you can understand their needs and interests. To do this, you can use tools like Google Analytics and Alexa to gather information about customers on your website and learn about their needs.

2.     Segment Your Audience for Personalisation

Once you’ve learned some information about your audience, you can segment them into different groups based on relevant factors that apply to your business. Those factors can be:

  • Age
  • Preferences
  • Purchase History
  • Gender
  • Online Activity
  • Location

Using segmentation, you can write emails that convert with relevant and personalised offers to increase open rates and clickthrough rates (CTR). Sending unique emails to different groups improves your ROI.

3.     Write an Attractive Subject Line

In email writing, the subject is the first thing recipients can see. Your subject should deliver the main message of your email and how the email benefits them. You can also search online for trending subject lines to play with different ideas. By writing an attractive subject line, you improve the probability of recipients opening your email.

4.     Don’t Forget to Introduce Yourself First

We often receive emails from senders we don’t know. No one will reply to emails if they don’t know where it’s coming from. So, introduce yourself or your company in your emails to new customers or remind them that you’ve contacted them before. Moreover, do not send unsolicited messages since they usually go to spam and end up as wasted effort.

5.     Talk About One Thing at a Time

Among all email content writing tips, this one is of high importance. You want readers to get hooked to your email, but you can’t achieve this if you talk about different things in the same email. To write emails that convert, you need to build your content around one goal or idea to deliver value to prospects or customers consistently.

6.     Make Your Email Scannable

Most people go through their email in seconds, and they’re looking for that one reason to continue reading. Having scannable content is important because readers can find important information with ease and get your message easily. Try using different colours, sizes, and fonts to organise your content.

Use short paragraphs with bolding or italicising to highlight important points or facts you want recipients to pay close attention to.

7.     Use the Right Words and Tone

We’ve all read emails that sound like someone is screaming at us.  The use of ALL CAPS in emails, like “YOUR PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED,” seems passive-aggressive to readers, which may throw them off. When writing emails, you want to appear exciting but calm and reasonable. Use exclamation marks where required and emojis when suitable.

Secondly, there are things you should remember if you want to write emails to the convert:

  • Always show the value you’re providing your customers without generic or unreal promises.
  • Use numbers or points to make your email look clear, organised, and concise.
  • Always be straightforward with your audience.

8.     Add Marketing Psychology to Your Content

Psychology is the science part of email writing for promotion. You can use different psychological tactics that trigger reactions. This includes:

  • Creating urgency and shortage by using key phrases like “limited time deal,”, “offer valid until,” and “flash sale.”
  • Using social proof by adding customer reviews or testimonials.
  • Personalising your email by using recipients’ names, sending birthday and holiday wishes, and adding personal details of customers like favourite colour, food, or holiday.

9.     Add Call to Action

Adding CTA to your email is the final element of email writing without which your emails are ineffective. You can add CTA by using simple but defined hyperlinks informing customers where they’re going. Add a simple CTA button with phrasing like “Shop Now” or “Schedule Your Call” or “Avail Promo Code.”

10.Include Testimonials

User-generated content and testimonials are extremely valuable in boosting conversion rates. When recipients see what other people are saying about your products or services, they are more likely to take action, such as clicking on your CTA button or purchasing from your website.

Want to Write Emails that Convert?

We hope that these email content writing tips were helpful. If you own a business in the UK and need to write promotional emails that convert, we recommend you try our article writing service.

Our professional email writers possess the skillset, and experience required to boost your email conversion rates.

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