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10 Tips for Writing Great Articles in 2020

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Why are you reading this article? Is it worth the effort?

 In a digital world packed with unlimited contact, it’s becoming difficult to stand out and keep readers engaged. We try all sorts of things when great writing articles such as adding a catchy title, a good picture and put some serious thought into the content.

In 2020 and beyond, this isn’t enough.

You need more juice and firepower to elevate your content to the top. Due to immense competition, you need to ensure that you’re getting great search engine rankings; and for this, your content needs to be king.

Article writers think they’ve got great content, but without industry-specific optimization, it wouldn’t do them any good.

Here is a list of things that you can incorporate in your articles to keep your readers’ attention. And if you require professional help, our article writing service can help create captivating content for you.

So, pay attention to these great tips for writing great articles!

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 1.     Write Down Your Topic and Draft Your Ideas

Writing down your topic is the first and most important thing you do when writing articles. Taking this step will give you directions to get started. When you do some research to find sources, you draft a great outline to streamline all that you want to communicate with the readers. Research helps to make your content richer and show your audience that your facts are reliable when you include proper sources in your articles.

2.     Solve a Problem

Audiences are constantly searching online for solutions to different problems. For instance, a general problem when writing articles is reader engagement. So, why not create one on tips to write great articles and keep readers engaged? These kinds of articles also boost search engine rankings, and if your content is well optimized, you’ll get more readers.

3.     Be Original and Add Yourself to the Article

Readers love personalized content as it helps them relate more to the topic. Building empathy in articles is a sound strategy to keep readers hooked. It is best to be yourself, express your opinions, and maybe add bits of humour here and there.

4.     Assume Your Readers Don’t Have Any Knowledge on the Topic

Try keeping your content as layman as possible. It is important to assume that your readers don’t know anything about your topic. So, avoid adding technical information that only specific people will understand. Your goal should be to keep all information informative, but digestible. Ease the reader into the article, use short sentences, and simple words.

5.     Don’t Use Slang or Abbreviations

You need to understand that you are talking to your readers, not texting them. Even though internet slangs and abbreviations are popular on the web, it distracts your readers and doesn’t keep their attention for too long.

6.     Never Deviate Away from the Topic

Readers leave articles midway because of this reason. They don’t appreciate being misled, because they landed on your content while searching for that topic or something similar. Sticking to the topic allows you to communicate your ideas and communicate your point. A lot of times, the main reason for going off-topic is distractions. Sometimes the ideas are there, but multi-tasking with activities like watching TV or scrolling through social media can be the difference between a good article and a great article. Focus is key.

7.     Avoid Redundancy by Cutting Unnecessary Words

Clear and concise communication is what readers want from your content. Long sentences throw readers off and easily make them lose focus. Unnecessary lines and words also don’t agree with search engines and web tools, so try to keep things simple.

8.     Add Hyperlinks and Images

Adding hyperlinks to your articles is important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Links drive search traffic to your articles and also serve as a reference or source to key information. Adding images to your article makes it visually attractive, to capture the reader’s attention. However, you should download images free sources, due to copyright issues. You can also add animated Gifs in between the content. This gives readers time to absorb your content and even connect to it better.

9.     Keep it Relatively Short

Your readers are reading an article, not a novel. You want to ensure that your article falls in 5-10 minutes. Otherwise, readers will not bother reading it. Great article writers know that when writing great articles, they have to write enough to do justice to the topic in hand. Too short, and the reader doesn’t find it valuable.

Too long, and the reader doesn’t lose focus midway. This is where an outline comes in handy. You may think you’re a good writer and don’t need one, but when you make an outline for your piece of writing, it turns out well with ease; the end result has high readability and provides value to the reader.

10.Call to Action

A call to action is one of the most important aspects of an article. So, a reader spends time on your article, reads it completely, and then what? If there is no reason for them to stay engaged, then there is no point in the article.

Calls to action, such as an image, button, or text, are simply marketing references intended to prompt users to act. For example, a texting company writing an article on the benefits of text marketing in the UK should include a signup button or contact information at the end to convert readers into potential customers.

You’re All Set to Write Great Articles

If you follow these amazing tips for writing great articles, your content will look professional and convert readers into followers. Plus, if you own a business and want content that boosts your online presence, we recommend you try out some article writing services in the UK.

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